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Why I Started This Site
After years of hearing my parents talk about their respective family trees, listening to suspicions about our roots and confusion about missing family ties, I decided to discover the truth about my family origins. Since starting in 1996, I've learned much about my ancestors, their trials and hardships, triumphs and blessings. I've also learned a few truths about family research in general.

Like most of those who use the internet for family research, I believe that the information found here is meant to be shared. Otherwise, how could we ever learn about each other, our own families and our lives? Much of what is on this website was donated by others. I wish I had made better source notes, but I have learned over time. Where you find a source notation, please respect it.

My thanks to the many internet friends I've made, without whose shared knowledge and genealogical records this site would not exist. I hope that in some small way this site pays them back for their generosity. If you have any questions about the data here, want to add information about the family lines presented, or believe that I have information that could help you in your own search, please don't hesitate to contact me. Together we can discover more about our family than any of us could possibly discover on our own. By sharing our stories, we encounter long-lost cousins and other family connections that help each of us know a little bit more about our ancestors, and through them, what makes us who we are today.

A Few Thoughts
Don't get too excited if you find that you have royal ancestry. At first, I thought this was exciting. Then I learned that an estimated one of every three Americans can trace their lineage directly to royalty, and from there, to biblical ancestors. There are a number of good publications available on royal lineage. Read up on this topic before you get too excited.

Of noteworthy interest is the number of Mayflower passengers that I descend from through both Mom and Dad. At current count, I claim 21 male Mayflower passengers as my 9th, 10th or 11th great grandfathers. I've been told that this is an unusually high number of Mayflower ancestors.

Recently, I joined the ever-growing number of family researchers who have had their DNA tested. The results: Paternal Haplogroup R1B and Maternal Haplogroup H. If you want to know more about my DNA test results or what they mean, see DNA-Paternal.pdf or DNA-Maternal.pdf.

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